Gummy smile correction

Gummy Smile Correction by Dr. Irene Bokser


In the perfect smile, the upper lip sits just above the top of the teeth. But for people with a high lip line, too much of their upper gum is revealed, creating what’s commonly referred to as a “gummy smile.” The unflattering appearance of highly visible gums causes many people with a high lip line to avoid smiling or place their hand over their mouth when they smile, laugh or train their facial muscles to limit their smile.

There is no need to be self conscious or to hide your emotions. Patients have a better option when they choose gum contouring and gummy smile correction from Dr. Irenepe Bokser, a periodontist surgeon in Queens, NY.

You can start enjoying attractive gums and smiling with total confidence when you choose a lip lowering treatment. Request an appointment with Dr. Irene Bokser to set up a consultation. To help make your procedure affordable, Dr. Bokser offers several convenient financing options through leading healthcare credit companies.

Treatment Options

A gummy smile is more than a cosmetic problem – it can make you self conscious and cause you to cover up your true emotions. Until recently, the only way to correct this problem, also known as a hypermobile lip, was to undergo orthognathic surgery to cut and reposition the front segment of the upper jaw. However, not everyone is willing to go through with this treatment because of the complexity of the surgery, discomfort, hospitalization, and inherent complications. Also, this procedure requires the jaw to be wired and stabilized for an extended period and is very expensive.