This was our first visit: I am relatively new in town and had neglected medical/dental attention during this past hectic year. I was referred by a family dentist to Dr. Bokser, and had not expected it when she told me that the two teeth had to go. I have had some unhappy (painful) experiences with dentists in the past, causing a good deal of apprehension regarding procedures. Dr. Bokser was ready to set up a future appt for the extraction, but also volunteered to do the work then if I wished, as she had the time. Preferring to get it over with, I agreed. I hadn't had any extractions since my wisdom teeth were taken out MANY years ago, and I was unconscious for that. Dr. Bokser administered anesthetic expertly, with minimal pain, then proceeded with the extractions. She prepared me verbally at every point, telling me when to expect pressure and not to be alarmed if one of the teeth shattered and explained why it might (it never did). Because of her guidance, I was never surprised or frightened. I don't think the entire visit lasted longer than an hour.

Dr. Bokser gave me detailed after-care instructions, and supported all she said with printed material. Because of Dr. Bokser's skill, I found I didn't need the pain medication after one day. Her staff called me the next day (a Saturday) to check up on me, which I found an unexpected kindness. I have since been for a post-op, and was again struck by the kind attention given by Dr. Bokser and her office staff. While I am not looking forward to the upcoming procedures, at least I am not terrified, as I feel I will be in very good hands!!

Amy W

Prompt/Efficient/Good experience. Dr. Bokser keeps her appts, doesn’t have you wait. She is a pro at what she does. Professionally evaluates the hygiene of your mouth and provides advice as necessary. Makes surgeries and cleanings as painless as possible. Her staff is wonderful. Very friendly. The overall visit is never dreaded as some dental appts could be!!! !!

Irene M